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Dried Wild Mushrooms

Buy Traditional Polish Mushrooms direct from Poland

Our wild mushrooms are hand picked by ourselves, family, and friends in the pristine and unspoilt forests of Lubuskie, western Poland. This natural wild harvest lasts for only a limited time each year. We then select the best of these wild mushrooms to slow dry, in order to allow us and our small, but loyal, group of customers to have delicious wild mushrooms available the whole year round. The traditional Polish farmhouse method we use to produce our dried wild mushrooms, preserves and enhances the flavour and aroma of what are wonderfully delicious mushrooms.

It takes about ten pounds of freshly picked Polish forest mushrooms to make one pound of our premium quality dried Borowik mushrooms. Our farm dried wild forest mushrooms when rehydrated are used in cooking just like fresh wild mushrooms. Generally speaking One Ounce of dried wild mushrooms equals around 10 ounces of fresh mushrooms when following a recipe. The rehydration process is easy; just soak as many mushrooms as you would like to cook with in plain water or lightly salted hot (not boiling) water for about an hour. Some people in Poland and across the border in Germany prefer to rehydrate wild mushrooms in wine diluted with water (about 10:1). The mushrooms can then be drained from the water and are ready to cook with.

Please note: our mushrooms are real Borowik mushrooms hand picked in the forests of Poland; and dried in the traditional Polish way. They're not the usual Chinese rubbish, sprayed with who knows what and picked by workers on a slave wage, which you might find in a local store. Show your support of all things Polish and small-scale producers in Poland and buy your dried wild Polish Borowik mushrooms direct from us. Our mushrooms are picked and dried by Polish people living in rural Poland!

Our dried wild forest mushrooms should be stored in a cool, dry area in an airtight container and can be kept and enjoyed for up to 12 months.

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Wild dried Polish Borowik

Sliced Mushrooms

Boletus Edulis

$ 20.00 per 50 g

$ 75.00 per 200 grams

$ 150 per 400 grams

Sliced and dried Polish wild Borowiki mushrooms


Wild dried Polish Borowik

Whole Mushroom Heads

Boletus Edulis

$ 25.00 per 50 g

$ 95.00 per 200 grams

$ 190 per 400 grams

Dried wild Polish Borowik Mushrooms - whole caps

Wild dried Polish Borowik

Whole Heads on a String

Boletus Edulis

$ 40.00 per 50 g

$ 150.00 per 200 grams

$ 290 per 400 grams

Borowik mushrooms - dried on a string

400 grams is just over 14 ounces (0.88 lbs)

Postage is charged extra at cost depending on delivery service required, weight and destination. Typically though 100g will cost $ 7.00 for standard airmail delivery to the United States. Contact us for an exact quotation.




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Polish borowik dried forest mushrooms from Poland

Borowik Mushrooms - not just for Christmas!


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"Now that we can buy dried wild mushrooms, we can all enjoy that special flavour without having to search in country meadows, woods or Wimbledon Common at the break of dawn"

Delia Smith, Celebrity Chef