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We are a Polish language school offering total immersion Polish language and culture courses in the picturesque west of Poland. We use the term ‘language immersion’ because that is exactly what we offer our learners. Learners live, eat with, and acquire the language naturally in a typical Polish-speaking family home with their very own English speaking Polish teacher visiting each day to give individual Polish lessons. 

Most linguists believe that the learning speed of one on one instruction is almost double that of regular group classes. We provide our learners with individual intensive one-to-one lessons and the whole day to interact in Polish with the family in whose home you are staying. All the benefits of one-on-one instruction without any of the possible disadvantages, which isolation may bring. Couples or friends, can chose the option of two-on-one classes, which have proved almost as effective as one-on-one, especially if the levels are similar.

Our residential homestay programs enable our learners to really learn Polish and something of Polish culture in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our learners can focus 100% on learning Polish. The homestay residence has a large garden and is located in the interesting city of Gorzow Wlkp, in the far west of Poland. It is within easy reach of major cities like Berlin, Poznan, and Szczecin; and in an area rich in forests and wildlife. Your homestay family will make sure that your stay is a comfortable one and that you are exposed to as much Polish language and and culture as possible during your stay. The student's room is spacious and comfortable and equipped with a study desk. All this, plus delicious traditional Polish home made meals, help in making your stay an unforgettable Polish experience.

The house is entirely Polish speaking for the ultimate total Polish immersion experience! One of our teachers will visit the house each day, at a time to suit your plans, to give your individual Polish language lesson(s) and help explain any cultural questions you may have. All our teachers are fully qualified Polish teachers with several years teaching experience. Combine this with the total Polish immersion offered by living with a typical Polish family (WHO DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!) and you are almost guaranteed rapid progress in Polish. You'll also learn a lot about Poles, Poland, and Polish culture!


295 per week, including all food and accommodation costs.

Individual Polish Lessons just € 20 (euros) an hour.

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