Test Your Basic Polish

Test your knowledge of the most common and basic Polish words and phrases using our test.


  1. The Polish equivalent of the English greeting 'Good Morning' is ________

    a. Do zobaczenia
    b. Dzień dobry
    c. Dobry wieczór



  2. What would you say if somebody was standing in your way and you wanted to get past?

    a. Przepraszam
    b. Prawda
    c. Podobno


  3. What does the phrase 'Jak się nazywasz' mean?

    a. What's your name?
    b. How old are you?
    c. Would you like a drink?


  4. What is the word for 'thank you' in Polish?

    a. Dziękuję
    b. Dobranoc
    c. Dokładnie


  5. If someone said to you 'Proszę tu podpisać ', what would they be saying?

    a. Sign here, please
    b. Please go to the cashier
    c. Sit down, please


  6. The Polish word for Germany is ___ .

    a. Włochy
    b. Niemcy
    c. Szwajcaria


  7. What does the Polish phrase 'Ile kosztuje?' mean?

    a. Can I leave a message?
    b. What time is it?
    c. How much is it?


  8. What is the Polish word for 'tomorrow'?

    a. wczoraj
    b. dzisiaj
    c. jutro


  9. If you hear someone say 'Jestem Anglikiem', what nationality are they?

    a. English
    b. Algerian
    c. American



  10. The Polish phrase 'Rachunek, proszę' means ______________.

    a. Speak slowly, please
    b. The bill, please
    c. Say that again, please


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